Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011.028 "The Surprise Inside"

Have you ever cut an apple through the middle, seperated the shell of a sand dollar or picked up a dried pod that once contained life-giving seeds? I notice these little things all the time and they are so inspiring.

To think that God cares enough to make something that is easily overlooked so intricate and beautiful and that same being cares for me...well that's pretty awesome.

This a photo of one of my favorite seed pods and the source of inspiration for today's blog piece.

I have often used these pods in decorating everything from a fall table to a brown paper wrapped gift. Aren't they gorgeous?

Today's blog piece is called "The Surprise Inside". Though inspired by nature it also reminds me of the stunning beauty that lies inside human beings. So I have a challenge for you, my kind friends, and a question.

The Surprise Inside - 12x12 compound digipaint

The challenge: Every day next week observe the people around you. Take in who they are and try to see something you haven't seen before. You will be surprised and probably spark some new friendships.

The question: What is your favorite thing in nature that has a hidden inner beauty?

Namaste and blessings to you.

~ Lisa

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  1. Cool! Yeah! :D I'm in my bedroom right now, looking around for something that has a really cool inside to it. Then I realized that pretty much the only beautiful things like that are things made by God, not by man!:)
    Do you know what Laminin is? You'd think it's REALLLYYYY cool! :D Look it up on YouTube and watch a video by Louie Giglio (or however you spell it). :)