Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011.024 "Knitted Together"

My maternal Grandmother was a master with knitting needles. Every evening that I can recall she would sit down after the evening meal and work on her knitting. Usually it was a sweater for one of the grandchildren or a shower gift for a new baby. I remember watching her hands work in steady unison, using sharp and shiny colored implements to weave the intricate patterns that would eventually be a perfectly constructed warm, wearable piece of hand-made art.

I will likely share many stories of my Grandmother this year. She was one of my most favorite people and she lived a fascinating life. She passed away 20 years ago this April but there is still not a day that goes by without her crossing my mind.

Today's blog piece is in honor of my Grandmother and the beautiful things she made. The last sweater she knit for me was my freshman year of college. It remains in my closet today. Perhaps I'll take a photo of it and add it to this entry later. The color of that sweater is a soft minty green and she attached tiny pearl beads to the neckline. The yarn she used was particulary pricey for the time and is still very soft and warm.

This one is called "Knitted Together". I think you will immediately understand why, even without my story.

Knitted Together - 12x12 compound fractal

~ Lisa

A few years ago I took up knitting myself and although I may never be as skilled as my Grandmother I do find it a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. If you're interested you can check out a number of how-to books. Also in Wichita there is a wonderful shop called Twist Yarn Shop in Delano that offers classes and a weekly knitting circle.

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  1. Makes me feel peaceful. Love it. And I might check out that knitting book.