Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011.013 "Swirls in Sidewalk Chalk"

My youngest son, who I often refer to as TJ Tornado, has always been able to draw amazing things with sidewalk chalk. I remember once at 3 years old he drew a giant Spongebob on my porch with such amazing detail we had neighbors stopping by all week to check it out. My son has been in treatment for a number of behavioral and psychosocial developmental issues since he was 2 and believe me he is nothing short of a little tornado most days. Each morning as soon as his eyes are open he is talking, singing, and moving 300 mph. I intentionally give myself an hour each morning to sneak around the house and have some coffee before he wakes.

There's something about drawing that brings him down to a very peaceful, relaxed state of mind. It always has. When he draws he hyper-focuses on what he is doing and can do it, virtually silently, for hours on end.

Needless to say I keep my sweet boy fully supplied with sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, paints and whatever else his little heart desires for his creations.

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day for TJ and me. His routine was disrupted by a snow day which can be a problem for any 7 year old for sure but for my son it's a world-flipping event. World-flipping events are generally not a good thing in our house. Bless his heart he sure tried to make the best of it and by the end of the day things had eased a bit. I even got a random hug and kiss after supper. :o)

So today's piece is dedicated to my little man TJ. I'll never be as awesome as you with sidewalk chalk. Then again, I don't want to be. Your chalk drawings make my face and my heart smile. No matter what you'll always be my sweetie and I am proud of you every single day of your life.

Swirls in Sidewalk Chalk - 12x12 digipaint

~ Lisa

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  1. aww, that just makes my heart smile!

  2. What a great story and a perfect title for this piece. Children, even the hard ones, are such a blessing. Your son may turn into quite an artist one day. I loved reading how much you encourage it. I always let my kids explore and make messes...fingerpaints to mud pies...that is how creativity is born...good luck to you and your son. :)

  3. What a good mama! Routine gets boring...and then we need days like these to remind us why routine is okay.

    (my own mama sent me the link to your blog.)