Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011.008 "I See Shapes in Melted Ice Cream"

My friend Angela is preparing her house to go on the market in February. She and her family have worked, and worked, and worked, and WORKED! They've rebuilt, restored, repainted, refloored, and retiled. Pretty much if there's a "re" they've done it to this house. I haven't seen too many pictures but I can only imagine it is looking very much like a new house inside and out and I know their efforts will reward them in the end when they are able to raise their selling price.

Anyway, this is not a home renovating blog, it's an art blog so here's the connection. Last week my friend posted a message to me on facebook with a bit of a challenge. She shared the colors they had chosen to paint the living room and asked if I could create a piece that would be color coordinated to aid in their staging of the house for sale. Since I love a challenge I said heck yes.

Today's entry is the end result of Angela's challenge and is titled "I See Shapes in Melted Ice Cream".

I See Shapes in Melted Ice Cream - 12x12 digipaint

I should not be held responsible for any extra calories consumed today if this makes you crave a hot fudge sundae!

Here's to a spectacular Saturday!

~ Lisa

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