Friday, January 7, 2011

2011.007 "Un Rayito de Sol"

Buenos Dias!

Today I awoke with my 2004 trip to the Yucatan Peninsula and the lovely Mayan artisans I met there on my mind. I think we all have special places we have visited, domestic or foreign, that have left such an impression upon us that they become a permanent part of who we are. For me it was the Mayan culture I encountered far away from any tourist zones in the Yucatan. My experiences forever altered my view of the world and my taste in food and gave me a new perspective on all things hand made and home grown.

With all this on my mind it's no wonder that today's piece, a compound fractal, came out with a splash of that influence. I called this one "Un Rayito de Sol" which means "a little ray of sunshine" in Spanish.

Un Rayito de Sol - 12x12 compound fractal
Have a beautiful day!

~ Lisa

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