Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011.014 "Antik Batik"

Early last year I posted one of my designs on the website of a company that makes custom water bottle designs. One of the comments for the design was that it looked like Batik, a  form of fabric painting and dying used often in Indonesia and many other countries.

I'll admit, today is the first day I didn't wake up with something in mind. In fact I have been struggling to break free of some negative thinking today that has been keeping me from being very productive. Have you ever noticed how, if allowed to, one negative thought or feeling can derail a whole day?

So back to Batik. I had not heard of this before so I did some research and was I ever impressed with what I learned. So beautiful are the patterns and so unique! Vivid colors, interesting shapes of flowers and even my favorite - swirls. How could I not love it, right?  Ha.

After I selected my color palette for the day and started working with a couple of shapes I began thinking about the beautiful Batik. So, after a bit of a difficult start I am pleased to share today's piece with you. Inspired by it's namesake this one is called "Antik Batik".

Antik Batik - 12x12 compound fractal

There is beauty everywhere and in every thing. Take a moment to look around you today and discover it.

~ Lisa

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  1. Lisa--
    Once again, beautiful.
    Did you read Faith's new blog about what to do when you have a creativity block? It was really good.
    Bless you today

  2. I've done real batiking...I have my piece around here somewhere or Mom has it. I did just buy a pound of paraffin at the thrift shop. Maybe we need to batik in real life? Next art play day?

  3. Melanie I would LOVE to learn batiking. Yes, yes, yes count me in for play day. :o)