Monday, January 17, 2011

2011.018 "Grandmother's Doily"

My Grandmother had doilies all over her house. Some of them I'm certain were very old and none of them were machine made. Like snowflakes these little fragile handmade works of textile beauty are each unique in size and pattern. I hadn't thought about the word doily for so long but this morning as I was sitting down to make today's blog piece my dear Grandmother was on my mind.

Have you any memories that are so significant you can close your eyes and almost literally step into the scene? I feel that way about my Grandparents' house. Furnishings and decor were rarely (if ever) moved. Though she has been gone for 20 years I can close my eyes and see every detail of her house and smell that familiar essence that only emanates from the house of a Grandmother.

Today's entry is the result of reflecting on my Grandomther's house and those unique and beautiful doilies.

Grandmother's Doily - 12x12 compound fractal

~ Lisa

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  1. Many, many smell memories. My big nose has to be useful for something. The way my Dad smelled (menthol smoker - which sounds unpleasant but the memory is good). The unique smell of bulk tank where they dumped the milk for storage until it was picked up by the candy-bearing milk man. The way the old wood burning furnace would smell when it kicked off. Mom's cooking. The scent of Mom's lilacs behind the house where the black and yellow garden spiders would always build their webs. I'll shut up now. :)