Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011.023 "One Shining Example"

This morning on facebook I posed this question to my friends:

"I've heard it takes only one strong, consistent positive influence in a young person's life to make all the difference. Do you think that's true?"

We've all heard stories of the special teacher who stayed after school to mentor a struggling student or the family friend who is always there when things seem to get rocky. I know in my own younger life there were several of these special people. When I faced dark, confusing and chaotic times they were there. Sometimes they helped me understand what was going on but sometimes it was as simple as a warm hug or a sympathetic ear.

These people stand as shining examples of love and strength. They have a way of drawing you in and helping you find a way to see through even the darkest of times.

Yesterday I was challenged to allow myself to be more transparent and allow my experiences and emotions show in more of my creations. This could take a while, friends, but I am going to try to rise to your challenge. Today's blog piece took longer than any other so far to put together. I was thinking about the beautiful, warm, strong, compassionate friends I have encountered in my life. I was thinking about how they have helped to draw me out. So the brightly colored field and shapes are representative of those people. The swirls on the side represent me - full of doubt, fear and despair - looking in on them and being subtly influenced by their positive warmth. It's called "One Shining Example".

One Shining Example - 12x12 digipaint

Please share a story of someone who has influenced you in a positive way in the comments.

~ Lisa

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  1. Good for you Lisa! Bon Voyage Mon Ami! I'm more excited for you now than I was when you began this, and I was pretty out there already.

  2. Marilyn M. inspires me to be a kinder, gentler person.
    My Mom--I miss her so much--inspired me to serve others.
    Dr. Paul inspired me to never give up!
    KT inspires me to believe in myself.
    My children inspire me to keep following my dreams.
    My grandchildren inspire me to be the best grandmother I can be--one who loves unconditionally and sacrificially.