Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011.048 "No Longer a Captive of the Wall"

Some days the emotions and the thoughts are there but I don't want to share. I didn't intend for this little experiment to be such an open book on my experiences. I'm thankful for what it is. Clearly there was more of a journey ahead than just making little digital creations and throwing them on a blog every day.

Anyway. There are some very exciting and positive things cooking in my life right now. Some of which I am certain I will share and some I am most certain I will not. However, as I create each day's blog piece I find a strage amalgamation of design and emotion occurring that I am helpless, and also lacking in desire, to hold back from happening.

So today's entry is one of those. I drew my inspiration from a lovely watercolor painting with spring colors and a dreamy floral pattern. I thought I might try to create something similar but about an hour into it I realized it was something vastly is yet another reflection of my current state of being.

No Longer a Captive of the Wall - 12x12 digipaint

~ Lisa

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