Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011.042 "Primary Beginnings"

Most of my digital art begins with something very simple. I've said it before but when I'm creating something from scratch with no previously established challenge (such as "make chamagne") I never know what will be there when it finally feels done.

The easiest place to begin is with one or more colored blocks and work it out from there. This morning I started in and it was shaping up to be a very detailed and complicated creation. Once I got my blocks layed out the way I wanted I started in grouping and shaping and suddenly the whole thing winked at me and said, "that's it, I'm done".

Allrighty then! So no twisting, swirling, wisping, fractal spinning or wave making today. Just simple, primary blocks. Something about the rudimentary-ness <wink> of this just makes me smile.

Primary Beginnings - 12x12 digipaint

~ Lisa

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