Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011.035 "Swimming in Glasswater Caverns"

Earlier in the day when I posted this I was just about as close to having a migraine headache as I ever hope to be again. I'm sure everyone has at least one thing that they find soothing when feeling sick or blue, or red or gray for that matter.

For me it's water. Always has been. The sound, the sight of sunlight or stars reflecting off the surface, the smell, the feel of being submerged...water immediately eases my tensions and clears my mind.

Yesterday I took my sons to a new barber. He was a wonderful conversationalist and an even better barber. One of the many stories we heard in the span of the 30 minutes we were in his shop was about a new television series about underwater cave exploration. I can't remember the name of the show but the idea of exploring underwater caverns sounds awesome to me. One of the vacations I hope to take soon is to Mexico to explore the cenotes and float the underground river.

Because I haven't been feeling well I've had water on my mind. Not literally!

So today's piece was inspired by the stories of the underwater caverns. It's my idea of what one of these caverns would look like were the walls made of glass instead of earth and stone.

Swimming in Glasswater Caverns - 12x12 digipaint

What relaxes you? Oh and if you happen to know the name of that tv show please leave it in the comments.

~ Lisa

If you've never heard of the Mexican cenotes here's a book you should check out:

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