Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011.034 "Pinecone Dreams of Early Spring"

Today's weather was so dreadful! Honestly I don't know what I'm still doing in the midwest and I hope to get out of here very soon. Not that I mind snow, in fact I rather like it's fluffy whiteness and all the fun activities that can happen in fresh snow. What I don't like is the wicked wind that slices right to the bone regardless of how many layers I am wearing. Also, in case you are unaware of US geography, Kansas is not exactly a hotspot for winter sports.

I was dreaming of spring and wondering what all the little plants and animals were doing. Most likely they were doing exactly what I was doing...huddling as tightly as possible and refusing to move once they got warm!

So I started out with a two-tone twist and decided to spin it out into a fractal. It's been a few days since I spun a fractal and I was missing it. As this one stacked around itself I noticed the inside shape looked a lot like the layers of a pinecone.

If a pinecone weren't inanimate do you think it would dream? I think the tightly closed tiny little bud of a pinecone would be huddled in and in it's dreams would feel warm sunshine and see itself in bright spring colors. So in my mind this is how a pinecone's spring dream would look.

Pinecone Dreams of Early Spring - 12x12 compound fractal

In case you're wondering about me - Yes, I have always said no to drugs. However I can become quite loopy when taking anything for a cold or the flu.  <wink>

~ Lisa

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