Friday, February 11, 2011

2011.043 "Fireworks in Snow"

I love random, everyday beauty. If you take a moment to look around you I bet you could spot at least 5 things you didn't quite notice before. Look for patterns, shapes, intersting configurations...just look.

Last spring I worked on the flower beds to the left and right of my front porch and bordered them with a little decorative garden fencing and some small solar lights. When the project was complete and the sun had set I was in awe of how sweet those little lights looked lighting the edges of my flower beds.

In Kansas we've had a lot of snow lately, I think more than usual but I couldn't say for certain. I should have probably pulled my fencing and lights before winter but I didn't think of it until it was too late.

Last evening my dad came by the house to pick up my oldest son for a little outing. When he came to the door he said "do you see that little light in the's so pretty". I jumped into my boots and grabbed my camera because I didn't want to miss it! Sure enough, peeking just over the top of the snow one of my little solar lights had somehow managed to get enough light exposure to be glowing just as brightly as could be. I'm glad my dad pointed it out because it truly was beautiful the way the light cast a star-like pattern on the sparkly snow.

So today's blog piece is based on the photo of my dad's discovery. Sometimes in my creations I like to begin with a photo and this one lent itself just perfectly.  The first image is today's piece, "Fireworks in Snow". The second is my original photo - as pointed out by my dad.

Fireworks in Snow - 12x12 digipaint

My dad's snow star discovery

~ Lisa

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  1. They almost look like hands reaching out toward each other to me. Like :)

    A game Bill and I play is finding images in our lattes, like the ink blot test. After we pour the frothed milk in over the espresso shot, we decide what we have created. Alien fetus and nuclear mushroom clouds seem to come up often, but other fun things are flowers, ghosts and one time we had Santa. :)

  2. It is truly amazing what beauty you can find once you just stop to look. When I got a better camera and started taking real close-ups of flowers I started looking at all kinds of things in a new light. I found beauty in bugs, seed pods, even a tiny shaft of grass seeds that accidently ended up in a picture of a dragonfly. In this, I saw hands reaching out for each other with exploding energy as they grew closer....
    that was before I read your story...somehow I always see something that other people don't...just the way my brain your work and stories.