Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011.047 "A Beautiful Implosion"

Continuing to work with newly learned digital painting techniques. I am thankful to have a tablet and pen because it helps so much with the brush strokes.

There are some pretty big emotions tied to what came out today. An implosion is what? An inward compression...a collapse. A destruction of a core construct that causes a chain reaction from the outside in.

My favorite flower is the daisy, always has been. The design near the center is hand drawn and supposed to be a rough reprentation of that happy and dainty yet incredibly durable little flower I love so much. My idea here is that something beautiful began to bloom inside and as it grows it takes over until all the colors around are pulled into it and a bright, colorful, unique and perfect flower is all that remains. Can you see this happening here?

A Beautiful Implosion - 12x12 digipaint

~ Lisa

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  1. Very cool. Will be interested to hear more about this! I like the smudgy technique.