Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011.065 "Kaffe Kaliedoscopes #1"

Hi, yes..I'm still here and still making at least one little piece of digital art every day. I'm behind at posting though so get ready for a whirlwind of excitement. :o)

As you all know Thursday last was my 40th birthday. I intended to enjoy the evening with a handful of friends and be back to the regular agenda Friday morning. Little did I know that my daughter Lori had been conspiring with friends for an epic birthday surprise I will never forget!

With my super cool pal J in town there is no such thing as a regular agenda. There's coffee, girl chat, more coffee, giggling, more coffee, heart to hearts and happy tears. Oh yeah, and more coffee!

This one plus the next four posts are a mini-series I've dubbed the Kaffe Kaliedoscopes. The image of the day will be first - a kaliedoscope made from a photo of one of our many caffienated adventures. I'll post the original photo below each kaliedoscope.

Pass the cream and sugar!

Kaffe Kaliedoscopes #1

Kaliedoscope #1 is based on this image:

~ Lisa

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  1. Nifty how my scarf made an appearance all the way around! I had a good time too - can't wait to do it again :)